1. I filed for divorce six months ago.  Is my divorce final? 

You must serve your spouse before the six month waiting period begins.  If you have done this and you and your spouse have reached a settlement  of all issues, it is possible to be divorced  six months after the date you serve your spouse.

2.  How long do I have to pay spousal support?

The family code looks at each case individually.  There are many factors that the courts consider.  One of the factors is the length of the marriage.  Another factor is the ability of the supported spousal to support themselves.  Because each case is different, you should consult with your attorney about the specific facts of your case.

3.  How much child support do I have to pay?  

Your attorney can assist you in calculating a range of child support payments using a computer software program called DissoMaster.  There are other software programs that calculate support as well.   Some of the factors the court considers are the income of both parties and the amount of time each parent cares for the child.  There are also numerous other factors that are considered, based upon your specific circumstances.

4.  My spouse inherited money.  Is this community property? 

Normally when a party inherits money it remains their separate property, unless they take some action that transmutes the property from separate to community.   The court will look at the facts in your specific case.