I Want a Divorce

Are you ready for your divorce in California?

Know your rights before you begin.

Before you head to the court house to file for divorce you may want to speak to an attorney about your legal rights and what you could expect if you decide to file for divorce in California.

It may be too late if you file for divorce and then start thinking about your divorce plan.

Is this the right time?

Are you really ready to dissolve your marriage, or is the threat of filing for divorce being used to change the behavior of your spouse?

Most marriages go through difficult times and many survive. Is this a temporary dissatisfaction, or is there something more serious going on?

Every marriage is different and you are the only one who can answer these questions.

Some of the more serious and potentially irreconcilable relationship problems can include:

1.    Domestic violence
2.   Alcohol and drug abuse;
3.   Out of control spending or different spending patterns by one spouse
4.   Problems with other spouse’s family and,
5.   Extra-marital relationships

How will this affect your children?

If you have children, this is a serious decision. A divorce can limit the amount of time you can spend with your children. Your conduct toward your spouse or children during this time can impact your ability to spend time with your children in the future.

Will I survive financially?

Proper planning for a divorce can make the difference between thriving after a divorce and complete financial meltdown and bankruptcy during and/or following the divorce.

Planning for your Future Beyond Divorce

Meeting with an attorney who specializes in family law can help you properly plan for your future.

You may have questions about the California Family Code concerning child custody, visitation, child and spousal support, division of real property, pensions or retirement accounts, business interests, and division of other property and debts.

Are you ready for your divorce?

Protect your rights. Know the law in California before you file for divorce.